Gudelines for Authors

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Review Procedure

  1. The Author(s) are requested to follow the instructions from the Guidelines for Autors.
  2. The manuscripts sent to the Contribution in New World Archaeology are submitted to the procedure of double blind review.
  3. Two specialists selected by the editors are asked to evaluate the manuscript and according to their statements the paper is accepted, sent for corrections or rejected (see the review blank form).
  4. The papers corrected by the Author(s) and/or accepted without corrections are submitted to technical correction.
  5. Questions concerning any formal mistakes or defects are sent to the Authors before typesetting.
  6. The typeset text is sent to the Author(s) for the final correction.
  7. The Author(s) are requested to fill in the Ghostwriting Declaration form and send it to the editors.
  8. [for Polish Authors:] W wyjątkowych sytuacjach redakcja zgadza się na dostarczenie tekstu w języku polskim, tłumaczenie zapewniając we własnym zakresie.